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Master classes in mosaic

Master classes for children and adults in the technique of mosaic will introduce you to the new technique of working with glass, fill with new knowledge and skills, inspire creative ideas and incarnations.

Master classes are:

1. For children from 5 years in the format "Mom + kid" - joint creativity, new knowledge and a great time together - the performance of the product according to previously designed sketches.

2. For children from 8 to 15 years - the opportunity to do the work yourself, completely the entire technological process.

3. For adults, the "Express-rate" format is the production of a full-fledged work done in the technique of a mosaic, the duration of a full-time job, or possibly broken down into several classes.

All classes are required!

Glass and Ceramics Studio Vittasole

Ekaterinburg, Gagarin 30

+7 (922) 137-77-90 Natalia

+7 (965) 511-29-55 Tatiana

Master class "Dog" in the technique of mosaic


Child creativity is always interesting, and the results are cute and touching! Children from 4-7 years can be supervised by a parent, after 7 years on their own.The duration of the master class is 1-2 hours;The cost is 400 rubles, the cost inclu..

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