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Master classes in hot enamel

Enamels are called vitreous coatings deposited on a metal or glass surface. There are cold and hot enamel.

Today it is considered that the art of artistic enameling has more than three thousand years of history. In ancient Russia, artistic enamel was called enamel, and Russian masters adopted the technique of cloisonne and champlevé enamel from Byzantines and developed it to the present.

We offer you to meet and work with this technique in the format:

1. Master class for children from 15 years and adults - making a small product, the duration of the master class is 3 hours.

2. The basic course "Introduction to the technique of hot enamels" - the manufacture of several items in different techniques, completely the entire technological cycle, the duration of 5 working days for 8 hours.

3. Express courses on the creation of a specific item - decorations, panels - 1-3-2 business days.

Attention!!! Pre-registration for MK is required.

Studio glass and ceramics Vittasole

Ekaterinburg, st. Gagarin 30

+7 (922) 137-77-90 Natalia

+7 (965) 511-29-55 Tatyana

Course "Introduction to the technique Hot enamel"


PROGRAM AND DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE "INTRODUCTION TO THE TECHNOLOGY OF HOT ENAMELS"Teachers: Anna Lukina - enamel artist.Location: Ekaterinburg, st. Gagarin, 30, Studio glass and ceramics Vitrasole (possible exit option).Date of the next course: in..

Available Options

Master class "Pendant" in the technique of hot enamels


The new direction of our workshop - Hot enamels! Master class "Pendant" (4 * 2 cm, 3.5 * 3.5 cm, 2.5 cm).At the Master Class you: familiarize yourself with the basic principles of working with hot enamel;Try different ways of applying color.A result ..

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