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Accessories - it is always completeness of the image, what makes a girl unique, amazing and mysterious, what creates the mood and style!

Vitrasole Studios are unique, made of stained glass, with insets of dichroic glass, gold, with elements of painting, all sketches were developed by our designers taking into account the specificity of the material and the characteristics of the sintering.

Precise repetition is not possible, so choosing our kits, you can be sure that no one will come in the same earrings as you.

In confirming our words, several interesting facts:

- Scientists have proved that shopping trips bring women pleasure, happiness and harmony, and the most "appeasing" purchases were jewelry and costume jewelry.

- In ancient Russia, the status of the girl could be determined not only by the ring, headdress or spit, but also by earrings. Unmarried girls wore earrings without a décor, elongated and laconic form. Girls in marriage could afford to wear more expensive earrings, complex shapes and colors, with luxurious decor and precious stones.

- the name "Jewelry" came from the word Jew, which translates as "Jew." In ancient times, representatives of this ancient and wise people were considered the most recognized masters of jewelry art.

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