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Express course "Painting glass with baked paint"

  • Brands Vitrasole
  • Product Code: Фьюзинг
  • Availability: 100



Master: Alena Shemyakina, designer-artist, Yekaterinburg.

Location: Ekaterinburg, ul. Gagarina, 30, Glass and Ceramics Studio Vitrasole (optional exit option)

Date of the nearest course: individually

Duration: 1 working day from 10.00 to 18.00.

Cost: 6 000 rubles. for each person. You can also choose a part of the course, interesting for you, a separate technique or product. Payment in this case - 1000 rubles per hour, the time of work is consistent with the master.

Glass and materials, as well as your finished products are included in the course price. You will get 2 small items with different techniques and a painted plate. If glass and materials are yours, the cost of the course will be 4000 r. per person.


1. Acquaintance with paints and powders, tools. The main types of lines. - 1 hour.

2. Painting between two panes - the entire pattern is painted with paint, and then covered with a second layer of glass. - 1,5 hour.

3. Mixed equipment - part of the product is made of glass, some are painted. - 1,5 hour.

4. Painting plates on the stencil - 3 hours.

          The express course "Paintings on glass with baked paints" is intended for those who want to learn the subtleties of work with paints and powders, methods of applying them, baking programs. Stained glass painting is one of the most beautiful trends in the work with glass.

We will be glad to see you in our workshop and we will be happy to answer all your questions and write down by phone 89655112955, Tatyana. Ekaterinburg, Gagarin, 30. Studio of glass and ceramics Vitrasole.

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