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Course "Introduction to the technique Hot enamel"



Teachers: Anna Lukina - enamel artist.

Location: Ekaterinburg, st. Gagarin, 30, Studio glass and ceramics Vitrasole (possible exit option).

Date of the next course: individually, agree on how convenient you and the masters.

Duration: 6 lessons of 3-4 hours, for non-residents there is an option of 2 lessons in one day.

Cost: 20,000 rubles. for each person. You can also choose the part of the course that is interesting for you, a separate technique or product. Payment in this case - 1000 rubles for 1 hour, while the work is consistent with the master.

All materials are included in the course price.

What will you learn for this course?

- we will get acquainted with equipment and materials;

- find out what tools are needed for work;

- we will work in different techniques of applying enamels - the dry method, the wet, “Limoges” technique;

- learn how to combine different techniques and achieve different artistic effects.

In practical classes we work:

- preparation of copper for the application of enamels;

- we will perform several works using the dry method of applying enamels - scratching, applying enamels on a stencil, drawing in free form;

- perform work in the "Limoges technique";

- we will make a decorative tile, combining several techniques of applying enamels;

- We will work on the combination of several types of enamels - for copper and steel;

- perform the final work - Panel - using the knowledge gained.

As a result of the course you will receive:

* 7-9 finished products depending on the speed of your work,

* practical skills in their manufacture,

* knowledge of materials and equipment

* many tips from the master,

* creative ideas that you can bring to life in your workshop.

We will be glad to see you in our workshop and will be happy to answer all your questions and write down by phone 89655112955, Tatiana. Ekaterinburg, st. Gagarin, 30. Studio Vitrasole glass and ceramics.

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