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Corporate workshops

Vitrasole Glass Studio offers corporate glass master classes in fusing and mosaic techniques.

Creative classes will join your team and make it more cohesive and inspire new ideas - a good excuse to have fun with his staff at the birthday party of the Company, a professional holiday, or calendar - New Year, March 8.

  • Master classes in the technique of fusing, mosaic for adults - the creation of a souvenir with his hands stained glass from sketch to fully finished work!

A variant of visiting master classes is also possible.

For more details, please call 8-965-511-29-55, Tatiana, or email us at email


Corporate master class "Painting Mugs"


Studio Vitrasole glass offers away and studio corporate workshops!What can a creative workshop be useful for your corporate event?- First, to dilute the usual, official holiday with a joint exciting activity is interesting and unusual!- Secondly, it ..

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