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Swinging, the pendulum clock counts down the time, writes a whole new and new story. And it has everything, the world, countries, cities, events, people and even objects. The clock itself also creates its own history, improving and moving in "keeping up with the times".

With the development of crafts, agriculture, there was a need to fix the duration of technological processes, and our ancestors began to count the time. It is for certain known that the first clock appeared in 2000 BC. in Sumer (sixty-tier system of calculation). In Ancient Egypt, the day was divided into two 12-hour periods, using large obelisks to track the sun. Perhaps for the first time, there were invented a water clock. The candlestick was also used to measure time in China, Japan, England and Iraq. In India and Tibet, a variety of sun clocks in the form of a stick was widely used, then mechanical, spring, pendulum, quartz clocks.

Now the clock is not only a means of necessity, but a demonstration of individuality, prosperity, decoration of oneself and the interior. Could people create the first hours, think that they will help manage the needs of a person: waking from sleep, analyzing the activity of the organism during the day, paying for the goods when buying. Not far is the time when the robots with the help of the watch, we will send "to the grocery store". Science and technology of course step forward and progressive things will be created, but we should not forget about the interior component of the watch, and the older, more unusual, the more famous the watch - the higher their value. The clock comes out, measuring its own time and creating a story becomes only more rewarding.

The watches that our Vitrasole glass studio makes are not an exception, but an affirmation of the taste and talent of the master-artist. For the client, this is an extraordinary approach to decorating the interior, exclusivity.

For this we are loved and appreciated, because we create not just watches, in the joint work of the customer - the artist - the master reflects important moments of life, love of the environment and things, animals. Colored stained-glass watches convey the mood and energy of its owners, forcing to stop and unravel the meanings embedded in them, to admire the magnificence of color patterns.

Watch "UralVES"


We accept orders for the manufacture of interior items in a corporate style - tel. 8965-511-29-55, or by mail to

Watch for the dentist "Tooth"


The clock is made as a gift to the dentist. An ideal accessory for the design of a dental clinic that will emphasize your company's style in everything! A wonderful gift for a professional holiday - Medical Day!Diameter 30 cm.We accept orders for the..

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